Understanding how people engage with information and support and the impact on their health and wellbeing

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Essex County Council has embarked on a discovery to better understand the relationship between citizens and public services, and what prompts citizens to seek, support to live life physically and emotionally well. The project is a collaboration bringing together skills …

Commercial calculations

Considering a traded opportunity? If you’ve got an income-generating idea, then read on, as our Commercial team share their top tips, handy hints and stop / go factors. The proposition Market, not product-led. It might be a great idea, but …

Show and tells

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The show and tell calendar in Essex County Council is getting pretty busy, with four (that I know of) happening over the past week. It’s a real display of the council’s commitment to adopting new ways of working, in particular, …

IPv4 addresses - the 'hidden' asset

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Local Government is used to developing innovative commercial ideas to provide long term sustainability of the vital services it provides; however, the marketplace is becoming ever more crowded with competing ventures, and much of the ‘low hanging fruit’ savings wise has already been picked.

Therefore, where do you look for a quick-win that delivers a significant return?